Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I was robbed

After lap 11 on the neighbourhood track, I noticed my duffel bag was missing.

Inside were:
-School Textbooks
-3 guitar pedals, one of which I just bought this afternoon for SGD50 and the other two that my friend sent to me for repair and modifications
-Bunch of keys (to my house and for my bike, and also the keychain that I got for a 10k race)
-Sony Erricsion k770i
-Wallet (no cash inside, but my i/d card, atm card, me and my 2 friend's school matric card, library card were inside)
-Stationary (together with a graphic calculator worth SGD100)

I frantically asked around, and someone said this young, fat guy in orange ran off with it. I sprinted off in search of him, but to no avail. Now my parents are screwing me upside down for being so careless.

Sorry to the people who I got dragged into this mess. I'll find a way to repay back.

Damn the fucker to hell. I hope he finds himself 50metres in front of a marathon starting line and get trampled to death by runners. Please send bad karma his way.

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damn i pity yoou. lost so much stuffs.

hope that person will have his well deserved retribution.

I was too engrossed and upset with my own life that I didn't realise you were robbed.

Stupid young, fat guy in orange.
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