Thursday, September 18, 2008


Talk about counting chickens before they hatch! It's the pre-Salary Day 'Things to BUY' list!

Polar RS200
I've never used a heart-rate monitor before, mostly because I'm turned off by chest strap that's needed to be worn to measure the heart-rate. Cursed with ultra-sensitive nipples, I figured that the chest strap would give me unneeded arousal in the said area. The only appealing attribute about this are it's aesthetics and the 99-lap memory, which is a wee bit of an overkill. I might as well get a Timex Ironman if I need the lap memory.
Price: $250-$350

Crumpler, the "Mahoubar"
Ever since my bag got stolen about a month and a half back, I've been using the Standard Chartered Marathon 2007 bag for my daily commutes. It is so ugly, but being a guy, function always precedes form. Maybe it's time for something more rugged and has more capacity and most importantly, in backpack form. I never was a fan of slingbags because they put too much strain of my left shoulder, and slinging it on the right seemed so 'unnatural'. The price is a huge turn-off though.
Price: $210

Trek FX 7.2
At the instant I saw this bike, it made me wanna quit running and buy latex tops and lycra pants. Seriously drool-worthy. I never was a fan of bikes fitted with suspensions. I felt that they absorbed too much pedal power. Especially those fitted with the mid-body suspension, god, I would find myself bouncing around much more than actually moving forward. This bike would be great for those days were I find myself too tired to run and when the muscles are too sore from gym, yet have enough in the tank for my daily dose of cardio. Only problem is storage. I wouldn't wanna keep this locked outside.
Price: $600-$800

Sony PS3
Half-life 2 plays great through it. GTA IV is awesome through it. Uncharted is totally mind-blowing through it! I can think of so many reasons to get this, but I also can think of as many reason not to.
Price: $500-$600 w/o games

The worst thing about this is that I can only get ONE item! Fucking bummer!


how about getting me a birthday gift?
uncharted = best looking game


It will be dumb to pass up the PS3. You already got a flat screen CRT in the living room. I need a friend to play guitar hero with.
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