Saturday, October 25, 2008


Two weeks of school have passed, yet I'm still having problems adjusting to my rather lax school timetable. With only 4 hours of lessons each day from Monday to Thursday, with Friday being the only 'full' day, you would think that I have it good. But I also have a part-time job to juggle. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights are spent in a 10 x 5 cell, hunching over the cash registers and flashing fake smiles to a sea of faceless people.

I recently signed up for Archery classes, so that fully occupies Saturday morning's things-do-list. My swimming classes begins next Thursday evening. Being a runaholic, I have to get at least 4 runs each week, and not forgetting the 2 sessions of upper body gym workouts and 2 sessions of core workouts that I have do each week. Plus, I'm getting a road bike soon, so I would have to squeeze in some time for that, or I would have to replace workouts completely.

So why bother going through all this? I could probably be better off with my time preoccupied with just school and work. Why the need to pack my days with aimless runs, torturous workouts and learning new sports? Why bother doing the things that supposedly makes me fitter and healthier? Because after all, they would account for naught in the end, wouldn't it? Everybody dies in the end, no? Everyone dies, and that's the only thing on people's mind. Not the journey in between, they'll just take only the head and the tail, thank you very much.

I get ridiculed at everyday. I get roasted for having a low-paying job, and no, I don't give a fuck how much your bank account promoter job pays you, so stop gloating about it like a tiresome re-run of 'Days of Our Lives'. Honestly, I find it pitiful that you've become a slave to money. So please, take you evangelism somewhere else.

I get mocked for buying things that I need and want, because obviously, other people know best on how I should spend my money. I get flak for thinking about getting a road bike to ride to school. 'It's too dangerous', they say. 'What's wrong with taking public transport? It's much more convenient', another would holler. However, 'Don't be fucking crazy', has my vote for the best response.

My life is awesome, innit?


hey i dont know if you still are mad at me...i just want to say that i admire the fact that you have self discipline and determination.

cheers. hope you're doing well.
He's still mad at you.

And you're a charming crazy asshole Kamal.

Riding bike to school is an awesome thing..public transports is for genetically inferior amoebas like me.

I think in order to measure up to you, I need to walk through Tampines sewers to reach TP.

But yeah, this is not giving flak to your expensive brands of bag choosing and you choosing a bike over public transport...

I think this is Sparta.
-Can't stay mad at you forever. Want me to link you back?

-It's not expensive when you're paying for quality. And Spartans walk, only sissy pudgy boys ride bikes!
well thanks kamal. yeah just link me back. i'll link to too.
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