Saturday, October 11, 2008


FL Studio 7
Downloaded it on a whim after hearing that it has a pretty good drum programmer. I took extra precautions with the 'cracking' instructions. I would not want the same thing that happened to Ableton 6.0.9 (I fucked up the cracking procedure and the whole thing would not load, even after rolling back the system) to happen to Fruity Loops.

Initially, I found the interface very confusing, definitely not plug-and-play like what I've hoped for. Fortunately though, the manual is extremely helpful. I've not yet ventured into the drum programming side, but my first attempt at analog audio recording has been a very frustrating one. I get a load of noise, even with the buffer length set very high! I've been toying around with the buffer size and bit depth, hoping to find a remedy, but to no avail.

Caffeine, Performance Booster?
I can honestly say that the best runs I've had in the past two weeks are the ones where I had a cup of coffee a couple of hours before a run. Probably too much of a coincidence though. It really must be anger and hatred of women that's fueling my lungs and legs.

Starts on Monday. The beginning of the end. Last semester to fulfill my fantasy of fucking a teacher in a classroom.


You still have a chance, you will continue studies and live off your parents right? :P But you are not right now!!! You need to get back on track!! Learn to be dependent!
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