Thursday, January 29, 2009


Back in secondary school, the napfa test was split into two days; the five items were held on one day and the 2.4k run the next. In tertiary institutes however, both the five items and the run are placed back to back. Previously, I could go all out on the first day, knowing that I would have recovered the next day for the run. Obviously, I could not do that now. So I decided to simmer down my highly competitive spirit and adopt a slightly different strategy.

My goal was do do just enough do get all As for the five stations. This meant having to postpone my PR attempt for sit-ups and pull-ups. Meh..I could live with that. So there I was, walking into the changing, nauseously nervous as always; races make me uneasy. Unpacked my bag and took my running gear out. I could only find my shoes in there. That's when it dawned on me. I FUCKING LEFT MY RUNNING CLOTHES AT HOME!!

So there I was, pacing back and forth, brainstorming for a solution to remedy this FUBARed predicament that I could have easily avoided had I packed them the night before. After giving it some thought, I figured that I only had 3 options:
1. Just do the test in the cotton shirt and bermudas that I was wearing
2. Go home, crank up The Scorpion's "Still loving you" and blog tearfully about how life is so unfair and if I had brought along those clothes, then maybe, just maybe things would be different.
3. Club a guy unconscious and steal his shorts.

Obviously option 2 is out of the question. Though, I did have a hard time wrestling option 3 out of my mind. That only leaves option 1, and option 1 I took. I think I did pretty well too. I had an unexpected PR for Standing Broad Jump and Shuttle Run, which were 264cm and 9.9 seconds respectively. I did the bare minimum for an A grade for the remaining 3 stations because I was saving myself for the 2.4k run, which I admittedly did poorly. I got a C grade for it. Nonetheless, I got a GOLD award and a score of 28/30.
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