Sunday, January 11, 2009


Saturday marked the end of SPinnovex 2009. Pardon the inevitable cliche, but, I felt as though a huge weight was lifted of my shoulders. Ever since the day I cooked up the project, I have always had this vivid mental image of how our booth would be turn out. However, the interview for the exhibition entry dashed any real hope of those images from ever becoming a reality, at least that was what I thought. See, I have always had this habit of hoping for the worse, so that if it happens, I wouldn't be as disappointed. Like a defense mechanism, no?

Fortunately, things turned out our way. We got accepted into SPinnovex. That meant shit if couldn't deliver on the day itself. Instead, it marked the beginning of a month-long of stressful meetings and intense bickering. I was on the verge of giving up. The dateline was looming ever so closely and the thought of us not making it constantly ran through my mind. These guys though, are polar opposites of me. They just wouldn't take no for an answer. They just wouldn't give up on the project. However, saying that all three of them possess these attributes would be an outright lie. Only one person had the guts to grab me by the collar and shake all the evidence of pessimism from me.

His name is Yusof. If I could summarize the guy in one phrase, he would be deemed "One Stubborn Motherfucker". Underneath the loud and often irritating exterior, lies a dude who is just plain fucking brilliant. He never listens to what I say. I told him to ignore the faulty booster circuit and concentrate on the new board. Instead, he soldered up the spare booster board and with little surprise, got it working. I told him to triple check the overdrive stripboard layout because I suspected that the fault was due to a poor layout. Instead, he troubleshooted the fucker and got it up and running.

Of course, credit goes to the other two members too. Momo is a soldering god who's always willing to help. Initially I was reluctant to let him join the group because he had a pretty notorious streak of being a lazy fuck, but it looked like my gamble paid off pretty well. Always on the ball, never complains or sulks (assuming you gave him sufficient smoke breaks), he has proved himself to be a valuable asset to the group.

Wen Bao on the other hand, had been a big fucking disappointment. I could add a thousand other insults, but I would rather not. All I can say is that he deserves no recognition whatsoever. Fucking freeloader.

One final interview remains before we receive our FYP grades. I hope it goes well
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