Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I heart Road Bikes

The electric blue Merida is such a joy to ride. I finally got the fitting right. I couldn't believe that in the past, my saddle was way below the bars. No wonder pedaling felt extremely difficult, not to mention the toll it took on my knees. I used to hate going into the drops too. It felt really uncomfortable and my lower back would be very vocal in expressing its pain. Now I'm always itching to get into them.

I got the yellow Daccordi for free from a Togoparts.com forum member. I did a couple of rides with and was impressed that it fit quite well, though I did have to lower the seatpost quite significantly. All was good and I was using it as my commuting bike to the bike. Then, the rear tube exploded. Apparently, the rear tire was so worned out that it revealed the inner tube. I was locking the rear brake and making the rear tire skid at that time. The skid must have caused the exposed inner tube to heat up from the friction. End result: Explosion.

Since the tires were tubular (glued to the rim), they would be more expensive to replace, not to mention extremely troublesome. So until I get that $310 Velocity deep V fixed/ss wheelset from T.R. Bikes, that sexy piece of yellow steel would have stay propped against my wall. Damn I have to get a job soon.
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