Saturday, February 21, 2009

Night Ride

My phone rang while I was toiling over a chuck of AIS notes for Monday's exam. It was Edwin. See, I'm not at all close with the guy, so the only two reason why he would call me was because of
A) Class gathering/BBQ/outing
B) Night Cycling
Obviously option A was out because the last one was some recent months away (not that I gave two hoots about anyway), so that pretty much leaves option B. I answered the call. Sure enough, it was night cycling.

So there I was, caught in a moral dilemma. I knew very well that I needed to clock in those study hours, but one half of me just wanted to give those AIS notes the finger and just clip-in onto my road bike and cycle the night away. After a few seconds of intense internal monolouges with my mind, I decided to go ahead with the ride. Of course, the deisre to see JC's new road bike also played a significant factor in my decision.

JC, Edwin and myself set off from Mac Tampines West at 2330. Edwin was on a BMC hardtail. I couldn't lay a finger on the exact model though. I was surprised that he could match JC and me on his huge-ass knobby tires. We first went to Changi Coast Road, entered ECP, then to Tanjong Rhu and had a pit-stop at the Indoor Stadium. We went to Orchard Road after that, where we were involved in some intense sprint-stop, messenger-style riding. Yes ladies and gentlemen, adrenaline increase your insanity factor.

I had a few close-calls; almost got T-boned by a taxi TWICE and had a brush with a jaywalking pedestrian. We made it out alive nonetheless. All that adrenaline made us hungry so we stopped at a beancurd store. Then, we headed home, via ECP. Awesome night!
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