Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I had to wake up early today. At 7am to be more precise. Urgh.. I went through the list of what I had to do that morning.
1. Cycle to Novena by 0830 for product training
2. Pick up a Polar FT80 G1 there
3. Cycle to Funan
4. Cycle back to Bedok

Only cycling.. Pffft.. No big deal right? Yeah of course, cycling is no big deal, but cycling with peak hour traffic is. It's intimidating, to say the least. The main source of this intimidation stems from taxis and buses. I fucking hate them. As much as I would like to stick a hand grenade up their vehicle's exhaust and seeing it blow up as I cycle past, I know better than to let emotions take the better of me.

As a cyclist, don't expect your road rights to be served to you on a sliver platter. To the motorist, you have none. You don't belong on the road. You are a bane, a fucking obstacle and if they were in a hurry and had $7000 to spare, they would not be hesitant in knocking you down and drive off, if you happen to be in their way. The only way to survive in that sea of self-centred individuals is to practise defensive riding.
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