Friday, May 08, 2009

Polar RS300X

Reserved since 20th April. Looks like a handphone box I got it for way way way cheaper thanks to staff discounts. =D YEAH!!! ORANGE!! YEAH!! My favourite colour! I've yet to try it out, but I expect it to perform the same as the RS200 that I bought a couple of months back, which sadly, had to be sold to fund my FYP. The only retarded thing that Polar did with this is was that they disabled the UpLink. Great.. Now the only way to transfer data over is via the Flowlink module, which has to be bought seperately. The only upgrade in the RS300x over the RS200 is it's GPS compatibility. Aside from that nothing else has changed.


Awesome you can jailbreak that thing and it'll make you orange juice while you run!

Haha, congrats in getting a new sumthin' sumthin'.
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