Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sell Off the Road Bike and Focus on Running?

Well why not? Aside from freeing up the time previously used on the saddle, I could use the money to get some much needed running accessories, namely the Polar S1 footpod and maybe a pair of Kaylos from Rudy Project. I would probably still have enough left to consider another pair of shoes. The obvious candidate for that would have to be the Saucony ProGrid Guide 2.

The Guide 2 is ridiculous comfortable. The uppers just seems to wrap around my feet really well. Definitely no complaints about it fit-wise. The true test of shoe compatibility however, lies in it's 'feel'. Now one thing I dislike most in stability shoes is their 'dual-density foam'. In stability shoes, this 'dual-density foam' is the grey area that you see on the inside part of the shoe's midsole. Some shoe manufacturers engineer this 'dual-density foam' a little too dense, which makes the ride of the shoe too harsh. This is probably the main weakness in the Asics GT-2140. The 'dual-density foam' problem, coupled with the overtly aggressive arch support, renders the GT-2140 unusable for me.

The Guide 2 on the other hand, has the right amount of 'give' in the dual-density area. A short treadmill test on it revealed a throughly awesome ride from heel-strike to toe-off. I'm unable to find any flaws in the Guide 2, so far. Great shoe for a reasonable price. Recommended for mild overpronators.

Hmmm.... Ok yea I've made up my mind. I'm selling it.
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